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    Third generation semiconductor

    The National Star third-generation semiconductor project team was established in 2019. We focus on the packaging design and manufacturing of high-reliability power devices. As one of the important directions of our company, the third-generation semiconductor cover a large series of product concaining SiC SBD and MOSFET, SiC modules, and GaN FET, and the package form include DFN 5*6, DFN8*8, TO-220 , TO-247 2L/3L/4L, TO 252 and so on.  Our company has many advanced manufacturing equipments and reliability verification equipments against the standard ACE-0101. Our products can be widely used in lighting and high-power drive markets, solar power generation, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage, charging piles, power grid transmission, wind power generation and other fields. At present, our company has already formed a wide and high-quality product layout, and we maintain a good relationship with many well-known third-generation semiconductor manufacturers.

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