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New Upgrading to Eyelove Healthy Lighting LED!


Last October, NATIONSTAR launched Eyelove brand of healthy lighting LED, which attracted wide attention from customers at home and abroad, and was favored by the market and recognized by the industry for its excellent performance. It has won many honors such as "the first batch of healthy lighting products in China",” the highest award for annual innovation technology and products" and "China Healthy LED Innovation Award 2018". It has become the preferred or designated brand of healthy lighting source device.


The focus on Eyelove brand of healthy lighting LED highlights the importance people attached to health. As people pursue health endlessly, NATIONSTAR never stops pursuing healthy lighting. Recently, combined with the new market demand, NATIONSTAR has made further breakthrough and innovation in healthy lighting LED technology and upgraded Eyelove brand of products.


Eyelove Natural Light DL Series products focus on sun-like spectrum while reducing the low-band blue light (415-460 nm). With the increase of light efficiency by more than 5% through the new scheme design and process optimization, it can provide more advantageous light. In addition, DL whole series products have passed EN 62471 and IEC/TR 62778 standard tests as blue-light hazard-free (RG0) level. The third-party certification report is available upon request.


Eyelove Healthy Light EC Series products focus on eye protection function without short-wave blue light, filtering short-wave (415-460 nm) blue light which are harmful to human eyes from the spectrum with special spectral allocation technology (patent applied), visually comfortable and more conducive to eye health. Recently, NATIONSTAR has further enriched the product specifications to meet the needs for different types of lights. For the desk light market, NATIONSTAR has developed a new series of 0.2W 26lm, 28lm and 30lm, with color temperature covering 3000K-6500K and light efficiency covering 150lm/W-175lm/W. For the panel light market, on the basis of the original 0.2W 4014 and 0.2W 2835 products, NATIONSTAR has developed new 9V/1W products with color temperature covering 3000K-6500K, typical lumen 110lm and light efficiency 122 lm/W. In addition, EC whole series products have passed EN 62471 and IEC/TR 62778 standard tests as blue-light hazard-free (RG0) level, At present, LM-80 test has been completed, Ts=85℃, L70 life > 54000hrs, L90 life up to 46000hrs. All the above tests can be provided with third-party certification reports.

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