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These Six Products Of NATIONSTAR Is Amazing!


Recently, organized by science and technology department of Guangdong province in 2018 high and new technology product review that work has been completed. The new high-tech product list is just come ou. There are six products of NATIONSTAR on the list, which are the high quality TOP Lighting LED, the indoor display LED with small spacing, the high reliability outdoor display with LED, the large size LCD backlight with LED strip, small size LED backlight, and the multifunction LED display module. Also recognize as "High-tech Products in Guangdong Province". These six products are also included in the list of high-tech products of Guangdong province, which represents that NATIONSTAR is stepping up to a new level in deepening scientific and technological innovation and creating the strategic deployment of "advanced technology".

The NATIONSTAR always insist on "advanced technology, market internationalization and large-scale production" development strategy, in order to "scientific and technological innovation" as the gripper, continue to strengthen the core of "advanced technology" prominence, grab the commanding heights of science and technology, has a number of high-tech and famous brand products in Guangdong province. It also has won the “National Scientific and Technological Progress” second prize and the first prize of “Science and Technology of Guangdong Province”. It with higher science and technology brings to the product quality, to bring in more customers trust.

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"New and high-tech products" refer to all new types of products that conform to the key scope, technical fields and product reference folder of the state and the province. It is produced by new principle, new technology, new process and new material, with higher high-tech content and higher added value products, and has higher technical content, good economic benefits and broad market prospect. The evaluation procedure of high-tech products in Guangdong province is rigorous and requires multilevel and multiple dimensional evaluation by authoritative experts in the industry, which is very authoritative.

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