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The internal audit of environment and occupational health and safety management system has been completed successfully in NATIONSTAR


Recently, NATIONSTAR successfully completed the internal audits of the Environmental Management System (ISO 45001:2018) and the Occupational Health And Safety Management System (ISO 14004:2015) as planned. After the management process of important environmental factors, major sources of danger, resource and energy consumption and targets and indicators to carry out careful audit. It is believed that the two management systems of NATIONSTAR are both effective and meet the requirements of international management standards.


While promoting high-quality development, NATIONSTAR has always taken social responsibility as one of its main goals. Effectively implement the long-term mechanism of protecting the environment, safe production and caring for life, promote the sustainable development of the company, and let employees and the company progress together.


Through the operation environment and occupational health and safety management system. NATIONSTAR standardizes the enterprise behavior, promotes the scientific and standardized company safety production and occupational health and safety management, improves the ability of sustainable development of the enterprise, sets up modern business philosophy, and earnestly assumes social responsibility. In terms of product innovation, we advocate the concept of health lighting and take the lead to launch the Eyelove Health lighting LED brand to meet people's pursuit of light quality and comfortable and healthy light environment and promote the development of the health lighting industry.

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